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Eagles Nest Massage Therapy Mission 

Established in 1990, our mission is to provide superior therapeutic skills, customer service and support in the goal of nurturing our clients' health and well-being.

The Eagles Nest Difference

We schedule an additional 30 minutes with your appointment so that you have time to talk with your therapist before and after your appointment as well as receive your full massage time.  We also provide complimentary hot packs, hot towels and aromatherapy with all sessions.

Join us for our Women's Renewal Week with Marcy Kernez in Beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico 




Recent Client Reviews

  • 12/2/17- "My Therapist knew where all the "owies" were! What a treasure, love their work."- E.B. Esko

    11/29/17- "Lovely! Very relaxing and very professional." - M.C. Duluth
  • 11/27/17- "Very professional and used the right amount of pressure" - A.D. Duluth 

    11/20/17- "AHHH-MAZING! Learned how to fix some problems at home. Thank you!" - B.P. Duluth
  • 11/20/17- "Best 60 min session I have had! Thank you!" - G.O Proctor

    11/20/17- "The atmosphere is so incredibly relaxing, my therapist was so thorough and amazing. SO worth it!" J.O. Duluth
  • 11/19/17- "Perfect! My therapist did everything I asked....Loved it!"- L.P. Duluth 

    11/18/17- "Thank you! My therapist was such a good listener and gave one of the best massages I've ever had!" - S.M. Duluth

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