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The Eagles Nest Difference

We schedule an additional 30 minutes with your appointment so that you have time to talk with your therapist before and after your appointment as well as receive your full massage time.  We also provide complimentary hot packs, hot towels and aromatherapy with all sessions.



Recent Client Reviews

  • 7/25/18 "Excellent session, my therapist is exceptional!" B.C., Duluth 


    7/24/18 "My therapist was wonderful! I feel like a newborn!" J.K.B, Duluth 

  • 7/23/18 "Will definitely come back whenever we are in Duluth. This was my first massage ever and it was amazing!" P.M., Eagan


    7/8/18 "Amazing! My massage was so relaxing and my therapist was fabulous! Everyone was so nice, it made my first prenatal experience so great and I will definitely be back!" A.M., Duluth 



  • 7/6/18 "I am definitely feeling lass pain in my neck and shoulders thanks to my therapist and her experienced hands!" D.M., Duluth 


    7/2/18 " My therapist is amazing! Every time I come, I leave feeling like a new person. Thank you!" J.O., Duluth

  • 6/29/18 "Thank you, this was terrific!" E.J- Duluth 


    6/29/18 "I've been receiving a lot of massage for many years, this is by far the best EVER!" P.J.- Duluth 





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