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Quote: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"
- Ms Frizzle - Magic School Bus
Therapy provided: general relaxation, deep tissue/needs specific, Trigger Point Therapy, sports, shiatsu, pregnancy, trauma & abuse, Craniosacral Therapy

Training: 1,275 hour training program at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic. 
What I enjoy most about bodywork: Helping people let go of pain & stress.

Biography: I have been in various martial arts & dance since I was 5, & ended up over-using my hip by the time I was out of high school. Imagine my surprise when a few years later a fellow martial artist, who was also a massage therapist, was able to cut my pain in half with one session! It was then that I began to see the restorative power of bodywork. When I finally decided to go to massage school, I really wanted to find one that not only specialized in structural recovery, but also understood the power of therapeutic intent, & relaxation. My time at Centerpoint, learning Trigger Point Therapy, and the traditional pressure point system "Shiatsu Anma" was one of the most valuable & transformative experiences of my life thus far. Since graduating I have worked in a variety of settings including athletic facilities, spas, in my own private practice, & as the Wellness Program manager of a non-profit center for movement arts. I'm very happy to be a member of the Eagle's nest team!

My massage style: The primary focus of my massage practice has generally been in recovery, with an emphasis in chronic pain, and athletic over-use, so my massage style can be more on the clinical side. I also pride myself in adapting my session to meet the needs of each client, whether they have a lingering injury, or just need to relax.

Every other Saturday from 2:30pm - 9:00pm

CASSY JORDAN is currently not instructing any classes.