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Quote:“Gratitude and unconditional love are the magical elixirs that transform life into a divinely choreographed dance.”

Therapies provided: Relaxation massage, deep tissue/needs specific, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, hand and foot reflexology, Reiki.

Training: Graduate of 900-hour therapeutic massage program at CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School and Clinic, St Louis Park, Minnesota, April 2014. Master level Reiki training, 2013.

What I enjoy most about bodywork: I’m especially thrilled when I can be the facilitator for a person to experience something which they didn’t know they could feel- for instance, relief from chronic pain, a sense of serenity, or an awareness of their body or emotions that they didn’t have before. A witnessing touch can facilitate the flow of things that have been stuck, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Biography: I was born in Hastings, MN, where my father built his little home on the Mississippi River and worked as a landscape painter. Growing up with a dad who made a living doing what he loved has been the foundation for me to trust the support of the universe in doing what gives me delight. Since getting my bachelors degree in biology and philosophy in 1986, my life’s journey has included being a field botanist and fisheries biologist in Alaska, building my log cabin and being an organic farmer in Carlton, MN, and being a professional gardener and permaculture designer in other parts of Minnesota. In recent years I’ve shifted my focus from hoping to change the world around me to an awareness of my own internal landscape, and, thanks in part to receiving lots of different kinds of bodywork, am now passionate about the power of taking responsibility for what goes on inside of me. When my son turned 18 and moved out, I took the opportunity to go to massage school and subsequently moved back into my beloved log cabin in the woods near Carlton.  

My massage style: I’ve been told my massage is “Therapeutic without being painful.” I listen to each person’s specific needs and bring in scientific understanding, intuition, and love to meet those needs.

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3:00pm-9:00pm, every other Saturday 3:00pm -9:00pm

LORNA KOESTNER is currently not instructing any classes.