1114 E 9th St Duluth, MN 55805







Quote: "Life is all about relationships." -My Mother

Therapy Provided: General relaxation (Swedish/Esalen), Sports, Deep
tissue/Needs Specific, Trigger Point, Pregnancy, Neuromuscular Therapy

What I enjoy most about body work: I am fascinated by the places massage brings my head and heart. Giving caring touch and forgetting about myself helps me live a freer and more peaceful life.   I benefit as much as clients do.


Training: 600 hours at the Healing Arts Institute and Clinic in Ft. Collins, CO.

Biography: I grew up in the country south of Superior.  I moved away to attend trade schools for both building guitars and manual therapy. My father has been a Physical Therapist in the Twin Ports for 30 years, and my uncle is an Acupuncturist out of Eau Claire WI. I am deeply grateful to have grown under their influence. I have spent much of my life seemingly playing every sport and learning every martial art I could, until I made the choice to spend my life serving others. Being a massage therapist is the purpose and culmination of all my skills, pursuits, and experiences in life thus far.


My Massage Style: "A swiss army knife therapist", I rely heavily on
myofascial techniques and active/passive moment of the client. I love to merge logic with intuition and attempt to hold cutting edge
mind/body techniques aloft on the pillars of what is considered a
traditional relaxation massage.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 3:00-9:00pm

NORMAN RADTKE is currently not instructing any classes.