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Quote: "For it is in giving that we receive."          - St.Francis of Assisi
Therapy Provided: General Relaxation, Deep Tissue/Needs Specific, Pregnancy, Reiki, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Reflexology, Shiatsu
Training: 630+ hours at Crestone Healing Arts Center, Reiki Level 1, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Maya Center
What I enjoy most about bodywork: I love being an avenue for clients to practice self care. In our ever busy and changing lives, pausing for a moment of rejuvenation is vital. Seeing and feeling the shift in a client’s mood, energy, body and spirit is what keeps me engaged and eager to keep serving.
Biography:  I was raised in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan where I became heavily involved with yoga as a young teenager. I was soon volunteering my summers and holiday breaks at a local Spiritual Retreat Center where my love for serving others bloomed. I started my service as the kitchen manager of the retreat center and lived there full time. When my year of service was over, I moved to Washington State to attend The Evergreen State College where I received my bachelors degree in Health Studies, mostly focused in movement arts and maternal care. Following my graduation, I moved to Crestone, CO to attend massage training at Crestone Healing Arts Center. This training ignited a deep passion for my practice as a massage therapist, as well as my commitment to my spiritual path. I then began working as a therapist in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a few years before my partner and I relocated to Duluth. I enjoy spending time in nature with my dog, practicing kundalini yoga and meditation, and baking.
My massage style:  All of my work is centered around client concerns and goals. My standard style tends towards a general deep relaxation, slow massage with close concentration on the client’s concern areas.
Hours:  Fridays 8am-2:30pm and Saturdays alternating shifts week to week 8am-2:30pm or 3pm-9pm

EMILY JOHNSTON is currently not instructing any classes.