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Employment with Eagles Nest Massage Therapy

Eagles Nest is proud to employ high quality massage therapists, in a superior therapeutic environment. We are always happy to receive the resumes and cover letters of new massage therapists, and typically respond quickly to let you know if we are currently hiring.
Not a massage therapist, but still interested in working at Eagles Nest? We also have part-time positions for assistant managers! Send us your resume and cover letter if you are interested in applying!

To Apply, email your resume and cover letter to

Staff Testimonials:

Marcie summer Marcie Thole - Massage Therapist
I have been working at Eagles Nest for five years now.  I still remember when I saw the ad for a therapist on Craigslist.  I applied sight-unseen (I didn't even google it!).  When I went into my interview, I instantly knew what a wonderful opportunity I had and was suddenly nervous that I would blow it!  Eagles Nest has always been a special place, but has become a second home over the last several years.  Every time I come to work I am greeted by compassionate and talented co-workers who love life and are proud of what they do for humanity.  They are always smiling and giving great hugs :).  Marcy is the best business owner a therapist could work for.  She is very caring and is always supportive in growing us both personally and professionally.  Our clients are the best in the business.  They enjoy the variety of massage styles each of us therapists bring to the table, and they like that we refer them to see other therapists in house for specific problems that our co-worker may be better trained to help with.  The whole place has a vibe that can't be beat.  The look, smell, sounds, and general energy in the building are second to none.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing healing center in such a unique, vibrant city.
 Stephanie (2)
Stephanie Linge - Massage Therapist
 Eagles Nest has lived up to its name. It is such a wonderful place to work because we work and grow, together, both as Massage Therapists, and as people. The supply of positive energy multiplies with each client that comes to see me, and each staff member that is part of my day. I've gained valuable skills in the trade from the variety of clients that come in, and from my fellow Therapists. I've also learned bonus skills in the urban farm in the back yard! Going to work in a beautifully renovated home, with a staff that is comfortable and inviting to match, is second to none. And who wouldn't love going to work at a place where people come in in pain, and leave walking on air?
 Cassy Gen Mgr  Cassy Jordan - Massage Therapist
General Manager
Eagles Nest is the best place I've ever worked on so many levels. First of all, it's clear that both the profession of massage, as well as each individual employee is respected and valued, as opposed to being just viewed as a money-maker. The therapeutic environment for the staff, as well as the clients, is the highest quality I've ever seen. Secondly, it's a successful and established business with a large staff, so it's easy to trade massage regularly, it's easy to trade shifts to accommodate my family needs, and it's easy to build on the good name of Eagles Nest to grow a solid and regular clientele. I would recommend working here to any massage therapist I knew!
 photo 2 (5)
Sorrel Kaspszak - Assistant Manager and
Office Support
 Working at Eagles Nest has proven to me that a community that champions mutual respect allows for real personal growth and workplace satisfaction. It has been so refreshing to work for a business and, more to the point, a person who values her employees for who they are as well as what they can do. 
 Laura  Laura Kirwin - Assistant Manager
If you enjoy having genuinely kind coworkers, wonderful client company, and like looking at beautiful hand painted ceilings, this place is for you!
 Brittany  Brittany Seeber - Massage Therapist
I always look forward to going to "work" and I am very grateful that I am able to say that. The owner, Marcy Kernez and my fellow coworkers all make Eagles Nest a calming and positive atmosphere. I enjoy the flexibility of creating a schedule that works for me and being able to take time off. In the summer, I enjoy that we have a garden in the back yard to harvest fresh veggies and raspberries. Mostly, I am happy that I love going to work and to see my coworkers who have turned into great friends.
 Stacey  Stacey Loberg - Massage Therapist
I feel so blessed to work at Eagles Nest. Our facility feels like home and has this wonderful inviting energy from the moment you walk in the door - for both staff and clients. The other therapists are professional, caring and passionate about their work. Our support staff works so hard to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible by coordinating appointments, communicating with the clients and therapists and keeping up with all the laundry- much appreciated!  I have felt very supported by Marcy during my employment here. She has given me feedback and guidance whenever I have needed it and also given me the space to grow as a therapist and develop my skills and confidence.
 Kelly Kelly Dalton - Massage Therapist
 Right off the bat, I've felt at home and comfortable working at Eagles Nest. In addition to all the staff members being warm and accepting, one of my fondest experiences throughout is that I feel valued. I'm appreciated as a massage therapist and my time as well as my clients, is acknowledged. With proper time allotment I'm able to get to know my clients, help them with their ailments and answer any questions they might have. I never feel rushed, and there is always time for myself in between sessions. Eagles Nest is a wonderful place to work!
 Dee and Lupines 2011 Deanna Ellestad - RN, CMT, MELT instructor,
Certified Somatic Educator
 When I joined the Eagles Nest family five and a half years ago, I had been a massage therapist for 20 years and had a successful practice on the North Shore.  But, it was lonely working where I was and I wanted to work with others and have the opportunity to see new clients.  I have really enjoyed my time at Eagles Nest.  It has made me a better therapist: I gained an appreciation for what it takes to run a successful massage business like Marcy Kernez has. And having the opportunity to work with new clients sharpened my own therapeutic skills. I also learned so much from the other therapists.  I am truly grateful for my experience at Eagles Nest.
 Lorna Lorna Koestner -Massage Therapist
 It is a great blessing to work for an employer who understands, values, and nurtures the connections between mind, body, spirit, community, and the earth. Though I am an "employee," I am honored as a whole person and encouraged to bring my best self into my work with my clients and my relationships with co-workers. I can honestly say I love my job, and am making a living in a way that feeds my growth as a human being.
 photo (2)

Shannon Flaherty - Massage Therapist
 I can't say enough wonderful things about my time offering professional massage at Eagles Nest. I was treated with respect, dignity, compassion, and gratitude which helped me provide optimum care to all clientele. 
This business is extremely well structured, organized, optimistic, and heart centered. What I loved the most was a sense of community and team collaboration to work as a professional rather than just an employee. For existing and new potential clientele I highly recommend this specific business for optimum care. For massage therapists seeking a place to further develop their professional experience and be immersed in a heart centered business, Eagles Nest is my top recommendation.