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New Client

Eagles Nest Massage Therapy was established in 1990.  We provide professional massage therapy as well as other bodywork modalities in the unique environment of a renovated 1920's home on Duluth's east hillside.  All our massage therapists are employees and therefore are specifically trained to meet the high standards of Eagles Nest Massage Therapy.  

What to Expect on Your First Visit:

You will be filling out a simple health information form and reading through some information so please do come 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time for your first visit.  You will be offered reclining chairs in which to relax and sip on our own spiced tea or cucumber/lemon water.  Your therapist will consult with you both before and after your session in the treatment room in which your session will take place.

CLOTHING OPTIONS - We fully appreciate that people may be very modest and do our best to make you feel comfortable.  You will be covered with both a sheet and light blanket during your session with the therapist uncovering the area to work on.  Typically people are fully undressed when receiving a massage but we are fine with any undergarments you wish to keep on and will work around them, we want you to feel comfortable.

RELAX - Your massage time starts when you are on the massage table and the therapist begins the massage.  We add 30 minutes to each appointment to allow time before and after your appointment to talk with your therapist and to change.

COMMUNICATE - Your massage therapist is interested in what you wish to achieve with your session, whether it is deep relaxation or a specific area that is tight and hurting.  Your therapist can vary the pressure of the massage, volume of the music, warmth of the room and of the table.  Please let the therapist know if there is a change that would make you more comfortable.

LET GO - You will be able to relax more deeply and will experience greater benefit if you are able to quiet your mind and keep conversation to a minimum during your session.

ENJOY - Notice the feeling of the massage.  Your enjoyment will increase simply by placing your attention on the feeling of relaxation and muscle release.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS IMPORTANT - If you had a wonderful experience we love to hear about it on our comment cards that are placed in each treatment room.  If you have had a less than great experience in any way, we also want to hear about it.  Please email us through our website so we can address any issues you may have.

It is our privilege to share the many benefits of wellness therapies with this beautiful community.




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