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General Relaxation | Rejuvenation Massage

The therapist will discuss areas of pain/stress/tension with the client and tailor the session accordingly. Pressure is up to the client and can range from light to deep. If deep pressure is requested, it will be used through areas of tension. Please see specialty massages if you are looking for a sustained deep pressure session. All of our sessions include aromatherapy and hot towels. Sessions of 60 minutes or more also include a heated steam pack placed on upper or lower back.

30 Min Session



45 Min Session



60 Min Session



75 Min Session



90 Min Session




Specialty Massage

We have a variety of specialty sessions. Specialty sessions require either sustained deep pressure, advanced training and/or additional equipment.

30 Min Session (Specialty)



45 Min Session (Specialty)



60 Min Session (Specialty)



75 Min Session (Specialty)



90 Min Session (Specialty)


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