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Monday through Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm 
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Draping and Clothing Options

The client is draped with a sheet and light blanket at all times except for where the therapist is working (i.e. Leg is undraped when worked on, but the rest of the body is still draped.) The therapist never sees the front pelvis area and a woman’s breasts are always draped. Typically the client is fully unclothed but we want every client to feel comfortable and their privacy respected, so wearing undergarments is fine if that is what the client wishes.


Your First Session

When you come in for your first appointment you will fill out a health form, which your therapist will discuss with you. Your therapist will also talk to you about what you would like to focus on during your session and discuss the clothing options.


The therapist will then leave the room and allow you to undress and get under the sheet and blanket on the massage table. The therapist will knock before entering the treatment room and will complete your massage, checking in with you periodically for feedback in regard to how the massage is feeling.


The therapist will end your massage and leave the room so you can get off the table and dress. The therapist will complete a short follow up discussion with you in regard to how you liked your session, and give you feedback as to how to maintain the benefits of massage.



24 Hour Cancellation Policy

To honor our therapists’ time and commitment to your scheduled appointment, we ask that you give at least 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment. We allow a client one instance of insufficient notice for appointments scheduled in advance.* If this occurs, we will then require a credit card number on file to schedule future appointments. If the client fails to give 24 hours notice or does not show up for future scheduled appointments, they will be charged for the full session.


Same Day Scheduling Policy

For clients scheduling within 24-hours of their appointment, we require a credit card to hold their appointment. If the client cancels the day of their appointment, or fails to show up for the appointment, they will be charged for the full session.


Scheduling For Parties of 2 or More

Out of respect for the therapists’ time and commitment to your appointment, if you are scheduling a party of two or more, we require a credit card number on file to hold these appointments. If the clients do not provide 24 hours notice for cancellation, or fails to show up for the appointment, they will be charged for the full sessions.



We ask that if you are feeling sick you reschedule your appointment. This is not only out of respect for our staff, but for your own health, as massage is dehydrating, and can take your body’s attention away from fighting the illness.  Massage is not the same as rest, it promotes a feeling of relaxation, but is an active physiological process for your body. Fever is also 100% contraindicated for massage. If you feel ok, but still have a low-grade fever, you should NOT come in, for your own health. Please call us at your earliest convenience to let us know you are ill and need to reschedule your session.